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  • Location?
  • Absolutely central and perfect location, GPS N41,26,23 and W08,18,50, located at 50 metters from Convento das Dominicas.
    Distances from our Hostel to some main city points:
    - City Market and Cultural ‘’Black Factory’’ at 100m,
    - Main city square Toural at 200 meters,
    - Museum Plataform of Arts at 300m,
    - Medieval historical center UNESCO World Heritage at 400m,
    - Bus Terminal at 400m,
    - modern Guimaraes Shopping at 400m
    - Cultural Center Vila Flor at 500m,
    - Train Station at 750m,
    - Castle and Duke’s Palace at 900m,
    - Cable Car at 1000m,
    - Sports and Cultural Pavillion ‘’Multiusos’’ at 1000m
    - Campus Minho University at 1000m.

  • Ambience?
  • Familiar and safe, Portuguese traditional hospitality.

  • Contacts?
  • Fax: +351 253 546 335
    Mobile Phone: +351 910 093 467

  • What’s nearest Airport?
  • Oporto Airport, about 50 km far from Guimaraes, about 30 minutes by car, direct transfer service mini bus GETBUS, please visit this

  • Once in Portugal, how to arrive to our hostel?
  • Hostel Prime Guimaraes is located in the North of Portugal, city of Guimaraes, 50 km far from Oporto, 360 km from Lisbon, 170 km from Coimbra, 20 km from Braga. You can arrive Guimaraes by car, by bus or by train.

  • I’m in Oporto. How to arrive to Guimaraes?
  • Best and cheapest is by train, go to Sao Bento Train Station and take the train direct to Guimaraes, 1 hour trip, about 3 euros ticket. Other possibility is by bus, go to Praca Filipa de Lencastre or Hospital de S. Joao and take a bus direct to Guimaraes, 40 minutes trip, about 4,50 euros.

  • I’m in Braga. How to arrive to Guimaraes?
  • Go to Braga Bus Terminal or to Avenida da Liberdade and take a bus to Guimaraes, 40 minutes trip, about 3 euros.

  • Once in Guimaraes, how to arrive to the Hostel Prime Guimaraes?
  • Direct transfer from the Hostel to Oporto Airport?
  • Yes, directly from Guimaraes Bus Terminal at 400 meters from our Hostel, please visit this

  • Cancelations?
  • Free of charge up to 2 days before arrival (local time), otherwise a fee of 20% of entire booking is applicable.

  • Reception, check in and check out?
  • Reception is normally opened from 08h00 to 21h00.
    Check in available from 15h00 to 21h00 (if later, please book with reception phone (+351) 96 705 8786).
    Check out available from 08h00 to 12h00 (if earlier, please book with reception phone (+351) 96 705 8786).

  • Credit or debit cards accepted?
  • No, only cash payments accepted.

  • Heating during Winter?
  • Yes, all rooms have heating, as well as common areas (kitchen and living room).

  • What is included in the room?
  • Linen, blankets, pillow (and breakfast in some rooms – please check here).

  • Bath towel is included in the room?
  • No, bath towel has an extra cost of EUR 1,50 for washing/drying cost.

  • Breakfast is included?
  • Yes, for some rooms (please check here).

  • Hairdryer?
  • Yes, reception can provide one hairdryer at no cost.

  • Services available in hostel at no cost?
  • Cable TV, Play Station 3, National Geographic magazines, small library, hairdryer, luggage storage, security closet inside room, fax service, coffee or tea, wifi all over the house and computer with internet access.

  • Organized tours provided?
  • Yes, please contact reception at your arrival. We strongly advise to make an organized tour to Peneda Geres National Park.

  • Is it easy to go to Peneda Geres National Park?
  • Yes, by organized tours, by bus or by car (or rent a car).

  • Children welcomed?
  • Children are most welcomed, until age 2 they stay for free, until age 10 they will be charged EUR 10 for sleeping.

  • Pets accepted?
  • Normally yes, but please always contact reception prior arrival to be sure.

  • Non smoking hostel?
  • Yes, cannot smoke inside hostel, but there’s a roofed patio where you can smoke and you have ashtray.

  • Kitchen for guests?
  • Yes, equipped for guests to produce simple meals.

  • Vending machine?
  • Yes, normally with water, juice, cola, beer, snacks and crackers.

  • Free Wifi available?
  • Yes, all over the house there’s free wifi with strong signal.

  • Computer available for guests use?
  • Yes, with free internet connection.

  • To rent a car is possible?
  • Yes, you can rent a car starting with a Renault Clio by about EUR 30 per day.

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